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Your opinion appreciated on Broadband price and speed!


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I test consistently at well over 90% (probably 95%) of my advertised 5mbps during low to moderate traffic periods.  This at a cost of $39.95 which I believe is pretty normal for 5.  Now we only surf, email the kids, do occasional banking and shopping, some photo downloads from family and software downloads which always seem fast anyway,  no gaming or media downloads but, I'm a speed freak!  I see where our cable company offers 10mbps for $59.95.  Since this mostly would just render pages faster, would I be crazy spending more?  Also, for that speed, is that a high, low or about average price?  Thanks

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I have Comcast internet service for 52.59 + tax a month.  I  get a lower price[ I think it 10.00 dollar less ] because I also have their TV cable service too. My advertised speed is 768 Kbps up & 8000 Kbps down. The only reason I up my speed is for online gaming, but I am also a speed freak  :haha: and will probably go with FIOS when it come to my area.

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Going from 5Mbps to 10Mbps won't be any improvement (in my opinion) when downloading from web sites.  With any connection you still have to wait for the server to acknowledge your request then send data to you. 

Lets say:

msn.com = about 200kByte = 1600kbit,

1.6Mbit / 5Mbps = 0.32 second

1.6Mbit / 10Mbps = 0.16 second

You will only experience a difference if your waiting solely on your internet connection and not on your CPU to open the web browser, store to memory, and display the window.  If that be the case, you can put what ever value you feal appropriate on the 0.16 seconds of your life you saved.

cnet.com = about 500kByte = 4Mbit          Larger website

4Mb / 5Mbps = 0.8 second

4Mb / 10Mbps = 0.4 second

google.com = about 10kByte = 80kbit        Smaller website

80kb / 5Mbps = 0.016 second

80kb / 10Mbps = 0.008 second

I think ratchet would benefit from hearing the opinion from multiple testmy members.

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