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cablenut slowed my upload by 2/3!

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im on comcast, advertised 6 down and 1.5 up. i did cablenut with the calculator. also the three changes including DNS, faster page loading, and increase buffer. it increased my down to 12 average, sometimes a 16! but up stays steady at .2 or .3. something to note as well, when network area is bogged down, my download suffers, but usually my up stays steady...

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OK, here is what the cablenut and the calculator came up with for my system and connection. im running xp service pack2, amd athlonx57 oc'ed, 2gigs RAM, 2-80gig hardrives RAID0, 512GTX graphics card, xp trimmed to 14 processes. i am at 6 download and 1.5 upload with speedboost (so im told). below settings put me at 13 download and .2 upload. i have reverted to the cable_normal_2k ccs file, and my speeds are normal again. with below settings is there a reason my upload crashed after implemented???

DefaultRecieveWindow 335488

DefaultSendWindow 134272

DisableAddressSharing 1

InitialLargeBufferCount 200

InitialMediumBufferCoun t480

InitialSmallBufferCount 640

LargeBufferSize 819200

MaxFastTransmit 64000

MediumBufferSize 150400

PriorityBoost 0

SmallBufferSize 12800

TransmitWorker 32

FastSendDatagramThreshold 4096

EnableFastRouteLookup 1

EnablePMTUDiscovery 1

IgnorePushBitOnRecieves 0

GlobalMaxTcpWindowSize 67160

MaxFreeTcbs 8000

MaxHashTableSize 16384

MaxNornLookupMemory 5000000

SackOpts 1

SynAttackProtect 1

Tcp13230pts 1

TcpLogLevel 1

TcpMaxDupAcks 3

TcpMaxHalfOpen 100

TcpMaxHalfOpenRetired 80

TcpRecvSegmentSize 1460

TcpSendSegmentSize 1460

TcpTimedWaitDelay 30

TcpUseRFC1122UrgentPointer 0

TcpWindowSize 67160

MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server 20

MaxConnectionsPerServer 10

DefaultTTL 64

DisableUserTOSSetting 0

TcpMaxDataRetransmissions 6

DefaultTOSValue 240

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has knowone encountered problems with powerboost and cablenut?

I actually had speed drops, both up and down, after installing cablenut. Not saying it's a bad program, just didn't work for me.  :-|

And I have nothing but bad things to say about Comcast. Their service is terrible and their customer service is nonexistent. They scheduled a service call for last Tuesday between 2 & 5. I called Sunday morning and informed them that they should actually check with me before scheduling since I have to work until 6 and would not be home by 5. They told me they would reschedule for 5-8. The next day someone else called at 10 P.M., waking me up, to confirm my appointment for "tomorrow between 2 & 5". I explained again that I would not be home at that time and that I had already rescheduled for a later time. She made the notes and assured me that it would be taken care of. When I called at 5 the next day, I was told that the technician was there at 2:11 P.M. but no one was home to let him in. Imagine that!!

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ya youre not alone there with Comcast complaints lol. i had a tech come out, run a new line from the street after many haggling phone calls. the next tech that came was suppose to run a new line from box to inside. well it was 5pm and he wanted to get home so he spliced in crawl space under the jack n ran a new line to a new spot in wall. needless to say i was freakn pissed , my house is outdated ?"57"? cabling. not to mention original cable runner kinked the livin piss out of it lol!  as my system stands right now, my obviously overloaded node drops my download to 1kpbs in the evening, sucks terribly. so i figure if i can boost up and down, at least im sittin in a better place...  fios is just a block away from my street and im itching for it terribly! NO MORE COPPER!!! but until then id like to not be held back by isp when gaming...

and if anyone can help me with custom cablenut ccs file for Comcast it would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If you are having problems with your ISP tweaking it wont do anything at all because you need to get it fixed and if they wont do it right find someone who will or complain like hell till they fix it. 

I did that to my old cable ISP and got 7 months of the fastest speeds they offer free

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