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Does anyone own a Directv HD DVR??


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Well my wife keeps buggin me to get a new dvr, Well if i get a new one its going to be HD. My question is how stable are they? Does anyone have one? Ive read some costumer reviews on them and seem alot of people are have trouble with them? The unit im talking about is the HR20-100S model. Any input would be great!

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I have a DVR from Directv but no not the new HR20...thats the one I want to upgrade to so I can catch their 72 HD channels :wink:

The only review I can give you is that the ones they give out have not given me a problem for the 6+ months Ive had them....and they have a pretty fast response as well.

As for the HR20...I heard good things....like it can connect to external HDDs....has an Ethernet port to connect to your network and play music or display pictures...and ofcourse its needed to view all their new HD channels :wink:

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I havent used the DirectTV DVR but i have installed the tivo series 3 HD DVR quite a few times and its actually really good. The quality was much better then i thought it would be, real nice interface and quite. I really liked it.

I just wish they would put a bigger hard drive in these things tho, you only get about 30hrs of HD with the tivo.

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Yah the new HR20 gets all 72 and end of this year there will be 100. I think the only part that sucks on the new HD DVRs you pay 300 bucks for the unit, and its still not yours, and you haft to commit to another 2 years.  Yah dlewis them series 3 tivo are really nice, but they dont support with directv. Ive seen one that will get 50hrs i think but it had a hefty price tag for me.

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i'm not sure, but i'm going to guess that the 700s is.

Well after looking around for about 45 mins. I finaly found whats the difference in between the two of them. The only difference is the 100 is made by RCA/Thomson and the 700 is made by Pace.

Here are the differences and they are very very minor.

RF antenna is inside for -700. Its external on -100. Some have reported a greater range on the -100

-100 has 2 digital audio outs. One is RCA type coax and the other is Toslink optical. The -700 only has Toslink

The -100 has a slightly larger hard drive by 20 GB.

The -100 has 2 ethernet ports but its reported that the second one will never be used.

The -100 is slightly cooler and has its vent on the bottom of the unit and the -700 is on the top. The top makes a fancy Directv swoosh with the holes.

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