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Simple troubleshooting tips on Smartbro


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okay here's the scenario.

everytime i boot up my pc, there's no internet connection. i dont know why but im very sure that its not my pc that causes the problem. so every morning (it started after the day my smartbro was installed) calling the CSR became my daily routine. their troubleshooting tips is just plain and simple but you have to wait for about 10mins before they answer your call. i know this is basic troubleshooting but it may save your time calling them since this is the same thing that they will tell you but i will not tell you their favorite line "sorry ma'am/sir, there's a problem with our base station. sorry for the inconvenience. please monitor your connection within 24 hours blah blah and so on and so fort."

a. try disabling then enabling your network connection after a few minutes.

b. try to unplug and then plug in back your adapter and cable after a few minutes.

c. if there's still no connection, try pinging (it "triggers" my connection back)

d. in windows vista, there's an option for you to diagnose your network connection for problems and give you options on what you can do like resetting your network adapter (i forgot if this diagnose and repair option if present in windows xp)

(this is the part where the CSR did not told me to do of course)

e. and if there's still no connection, try to change your AP and then check if you'll get connected and you may change back to the original AP and check also if you'll get connected or else there's a problem with that AP.

f. and if there's STILL NO CONNECTION  :cry:, take a deep breath, and hold it  :oops:. then pick up your phone, dial *1888, press 4 for technical concerns  :smiley6600:. then let your emotions burst :tickedoff:

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Guest ExtremeFusion

useless smart CSR/TSR..

BTW, i have a problem with their online viewing of bills..

after consecutive calls and long chained email to them, still they can't get the problem fixed..

Simply Infuriating!

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Guest ExtremeFusion

They can't fix anything.  All they can do is create a report and that's it.

that is because the TSR/CSR of smartbro are just front liners..

they really don't have any technical team, this is the most logical explanation i could get..

or maybe they have, but it is on a different building, which in case they have to call if there are too technical

terms they couldn't understand.

Imagine I once asked a TSR take note TSR, about port forwarding..

then she couldn't give me a clear explanation about if it could work in smartbro plan 999.

Then I just ask her the question, Do you know what port forwarding is?

And I told her, answer me with a yes or no!

Then she couldn't give any answer at all.. she had to say gibberish, just to buy some time and she had to put me on hold so that she could ask someone who has a knowledge about it and so that she could prepare a script for it.. so she wouldn't look stupid to me..

as if that would help..!

Jeez! Useless TSR/CSR!

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