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Ever been drunk driving a steam engine?


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see below for UK chooses 'most ludicrous laws'

By Tom Geoghegan

BBC News Magazine 

An exhibition at the Law Society highlights unusual pieces of legislation which remain on the statute book. Why have they survived, when they appear so at odds with modern life?

Think Asbos are draconian? Consider the Victorian equivalent.

Hanging washing in the street, beating a carpet and flying a kite are set out in the Town Police Clauses Act, 1847, (chapter 89, section 28) as punishable by a

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:lol:, Yeah we have some odd old laws still on the books in the UK ,

but some are still usefull and serve a need ,

"Shoot a Welshman with a crossbow within the city of Chester after sunset" is a good point , it always has been a good sport in England ,and :wtf: is a welshman doing in Chester anyway ,

Driving a steam engine while under the influence , is still valid , as we do have some still on the road , and they weigh 20 tons +, the 1 ton car does enough damaged , think of 20 + tons with a drunken driver ?

The Bicycle lights comments are wrong , it does not have to be a filament bulb , acetylene lights are legal , but the Flashing LED lights are not ,as they do not show a continuous light , to make them legal another law would have to be passed to determine the flash rate ,

(Fire a cannon close to a dwelling house (Met Police Act 1839)

OK this one works well , the definition of a cannon  includes fireworks ,

as they are a machine capable of discharging a projectile ,

and modern ASBO's ( anti social behavior orders ) are reaching a street social status in the UK, among the  :uglystupid2:  we have whole families including grandparents proudly smiling for the national press photogaphers , when a good slap of old fashion justice would serve them better ,


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