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whats killing my internetz?


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over the past month or so we have upgraded our dsl to the new bellsouth 6.0(i think its called extreme not sure) and we also added an xbox360 w/xbox live into the mix. my modem/router is a westell versalink model 327w its the same one bellsouth sent when i used to have the old 3.0MB dsl.

the problem is every 2 days at least my internet speeds drop below 1.0 speed. I've learn by now that whenever you have slow speeds they ask you to unplugged all connections for 2min. then restart so I've been doing this on my own now whenever i have slow speeds. it fixes the problem but i knew it was to frequent to be static related which is why they tell you to unplugged it and what not so i called in and did the chat with diagnostics thing.

i told him we had 3 PCs and an xbox 360. he explained that the xbox wouldn't share bandwith with the PC properly. so..he had me turn the power off on the modem for 10sec. then turn it back on with the xbox offline and it fixed it. he said it was redistributing the bandwith back to the PCs that the xbox was hogging. does that sound right to you? I've never heard of that before and i googled it still couldn't find anything on it.

could the way my bro connects his xbox/PC be the problem? he has one dsl line running into his room that he uses for his PC and xbox he just unplugs it from one and plugs it straight into the other. maybe going from PC to xbox is confusing the modem or something? I'm lost so any advice would be helpful.

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Hi heylookatme! :smile2: Welcome to the forum

If it were me, I would run " net stat on each box to see what open connections they may have  first off.

Many people are ill informed about DSL, Supposedly, for the 1st month or so, the modem must not be powered off due to, for lack of better words, equalize, or adjust to how far it is from the server. If this is interrupted for any reason, the modem must be reset, and left alone for the same period of time.

I am by no means an expert on the subject, so you may want to research this on your own.

Please post how long from time of initial modem boot before it was restarted , or powered off, as well as the configuration of your Lan. Including any and all switches, and cable settings, ie full/half / auto duplex.

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