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Rank with the search engines, answer to a member email... posted for all to see


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Just wanted to share this... may help someone out there searching for this ;-)

How can I promote my website.

As for your site, the way now-a-days to get better engine rankings is to have people link to you and to have lots of content.  The reason my ranking with Google for instance keeps growing is because lots of people link to me, lots of websites mention my sites name and I have tens-of-thousands of pages with-in my site.  The more content you have the better your site will rank, with most of the good search engines anyway.

First, ADD MORE CONTENT.  The more content you have the more keywords you have, the more keywords you have the more chances you have for people to find your site.  On the same note, the more content a search engine has to spider the higher that search engine will rank you.  How the search engine figures it is "If this site has this many pages, this site MUST be a serious site with LOTS of good information."

Second, list your site with Yahoo, this is tricky because yahoo is VERY picky.  Before submitting a site to Yahoo you want to make sure the site doesn't;t have any dead link and that it looks GREAT.  The more unique content the better.  Submit at http://search.yahoo.com/info/submit.html ---  My site opened in 1999 (under a different name though) it took me until 2001 to get listed on Yahoo.  You may have to submit more than once.  Some people will pay for a listing on Yahoo... but that still doesn't guarantee listing, it only makes them look at your site faster.  More info here >> http://docs.yahoo.com/info/suggest/

Third, add your site to ODP, or Open Directory Project or DMOZ.org.  They are almost as hard to get listed on as Yahoo.  But once your listed on ODP your URL will be shared with hundreds of websites that use ODP data.  Like myself, I run a little known about ODP search engine.at https://testmy.net/dir/ -- if you would like to submit your site to ODP go to http://dmoz.org/add.html

Fourth, find other sites in the same genre as your and email the site owners for reciprocal links.  First post their link on your site (in a links section) and email them, let them know you have linked to them and ask if they would do the same.  You should get about 1 reciprocal link per 3-4 tries... the more links to you the higher your ranking.  How the search engines think about it is... "If other people are linking to this site, the site MUST contain good information"

One thing to keep in mind is that a lot of search engines on the net are actually HUMAN edited sites.  Meaning your first listing is going to be reviewed by an actual person.  Do like you would for a job interview... dress your best, have good grammar and act like you REALLY want the job.

Here is a list of search engines... some you can submit to.  Don't bother with any submission services you may see, a lot of search engines that allow submissions will kick those submissions out.  You need to do them ONE-by-ONE

http://www.altavista.com/ submit to >> http://www.altavista.com/addurl/default

http://www.freefind.com/ (I don't know about this one)

http://www.mamma.com (pay-per-click I think)

http://search.msn.com (spider built)

http://www.google.com (spider built))

http://www.allintheweb.com submit to >> http://www.alltheweb.com/help/webmaster/submit_site

http://www.looksmart.com (built on ODP data)

http://www.yahoo.com  (half built on ODP data, other half is built on Google data)

http://www.google.com (partially built on ODP data)

http://www.go.com (built on Google data)

http://www.aol.com (built on Google data)

Some other lesser known, that you can list on to get some more links out there... you most likely won't get ANY hits off these links but you will raise your rank with some of the better known engines.








If you want to find more of these.. use this search.. thousands more to find  :)


This should be enough info to get you going.  Enjoy!

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