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the download and upload test is incorrect here

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Denny025, this site uses a completely different testing method then every other site out there. it will detect incorrect settings that flash based tests will not. flash based tests show you your ideal speed under perfect circumstances so once your results here match the flash you know your golden. have you tried tuning your rwin values or using TCPOptimzer?

also what is your advertised speed?

i'll be more then happy to help you solve this issue as i'm sure other people here will too

~ TriRan

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yeah T i saw that but i don't know what his advertised speeds are he could be advertised 30Mbit for all we know lol

edit: after looking on their website i'm assuming he has their preferred which is 8/1 service if thats true without any tweaking hes getting near 90% of his advertised >.<

he did two tests one at 5.1Mbps and the 2nd at 7.05Mbps which is 90% of advertised

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