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hey mods is this allowed??


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More and more sites are comming online to watch movies online without downloading, Are we allowed to talk about that?  Really its a greay area, Your not downloading, your not burning, Just wanted to ask before saying anymore. Won't teach the downloading crap, but click on a link in the right site and a movie pops up, hey, they have yet to outlaw that one.

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It is just fine to talk about it. Fine to link to embedded video. As long as you are not teaching people to do illegal things and linking to illegal files for download you are fine. For example Bittorrent has illegal and legal uses. If you want to help someone make BT work better or recommend sites that is fine. Linking to a torrent for the latest movie is NOT ok. www.piratebay.com OK, linking to a certain file on pirate bay or telling others exactly how to find that illegal file is NOT ok. Pirate Bay does track legal torrents as well and testmy cannot be held responsible if our members use the illegal files, but we will not encourage or help others to do that. Thanks for asking first and if you have anymore questions bring em on.  :grin2: :grin2: :grin2: :grin2: Of course I dont have to go over the spamming rules as I am sure you know them just fine, but of course spamming another site would not be tolerated.

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