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Internet Connecting Help! (I really do. T_T)


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You might probably wonder how I got this here if I can't get connected or maybe not, but still...

I'm the one that said SmartBro Plug It was terrible and after using it for quite some time I was kind of satisfied with its performance UNTIL NOW!

After I reinstalled my OS I can't connect using "that" but I was able to connect using dial-up (now you know how I got here  :grin2:)

Here is my diagnostics (if this helps):


Modem Information

Modem name : SMARTBRO

At port : COM 8

Firmware version : LQA0007_213024_1.2.2W1024

IMEI : 357198014504394

IMSI : 515034200431629


Operator Information

PIN code status : READY

Network code : 51503

Network selection mode : Auto

Network mode : GSM

Signal strength : 87


Network Status

CS network registration : Registered,Home PLMN

PS network registration : Registration denied

PS network attachment : Detached


Auth. Type (I don't know what's this) PAP

I contacted Tech Support but I wasn't able to get any good (or no) solutions.  :cry:

(Yey! I have less typos!)

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