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Motorola Canopy Question


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My neighbor set up an internet company last week and I signed on. He has a fiber line going to his tower and then he uses a 900 MHz Motorola Canopy system to broadcast the connection. The problem that I am having is with the upload. My desktop computer consistently gets 1.1 Mbps up, but my laptop which is wirelessly connected to my linksys router is only getting about 650 Kbps up. What could be causing the speed difference? I have a Linksys wrt300n router. I am running Windows XP on the desktop and Windows Vista on the laptop. I have done all the usual stuff, ie. check for viruses, spyware, ad ware, cleaned out my cache, tried both the cablenut and van beuren tweaks (which did nothing for my speed). Can anyone help?

Now for the second question. My canopy software is blocked so I looked up how to make an override plug. I want to see if I were to set the max sustained downlink and up link faster if it would get my speeds going faster. My neighbor has a 15/15 Mbps fiber line going to his tower. I am getting about 2.7 Mbps down and 1.1 Mbps up on my desktop PC. If I were to do this, would it increase my speeds and is there any way he could tell that I got into the Canopy system?

Sorry for the long post, but any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, RJ

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