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Canopy Antennas Experiences


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[move]hi mga dudes![/move]

i wonder how many Filipinos are now availing of SmarBro (including those unlucky ones with poor connection yet stuck in the contract   :tickedoff: )

with regards to this increasing number of subscribers - the experiences, or shall we say adventures, with Smart's Canopy Antennas[those cute and cuddly white appendages in our roofs] exponentially increases

do you have antennas that are blown by the wind? struck by lightnings? taken by burglars? mistaken by your mother as a palu-palo?  or perhaps ran over by a train or an airplane?

let me start this topic and please post your experiences including your ideas to thwart this unlucky encounters with mother nature + human beings   :evil6:

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my problem is my speed is slow even i tweak my canopy configuration settings..

and about the unlucky thing hehehe well i think i have encountered one..

ohh yeah i remembered when we are going to transfer in other house my uncle thought it was a cable wire  :2funny:

then he pulled it strong and i thought it was fine coz' nothing was cut.

When we are finished trasnferring and we have already put the antenna to our roof, Im so excited to play but when i open my pc ohh noh "X" mark on my network and in that moment "Smart Bro" called then they said are you finished transferring your antenna? (because when transferring you must tell Smart Bro)

For the first time smart bro became my guardian angel/devil?  :grin:

then that day they fixed my antenna.. but still it slow :angry:


bye.. this is chrisfake1 15 yrs. old future to be hacker.. :azn: white/black/red hacker? dont know maybe both :smiley:[/move]

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