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How can l configure a Cisco 815 cable interface to use 1 frequency only

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Good day guys

l do use the Cisco Ubr 905 for my cable modem connections. and with it l can use this command

" cable-modem downstream frequency xxx000000 only " in the cable modem interface to make the Ubr scan and establish connection only with that frequency.


interface cable-modem0

no cable-modem compliant bridge

cable-modem boot admin 2

cable-modem boot oper 5

cable-modem downstream frequency 579000000 only


  But the Cisco Ubr 905 has been replaced with the Cisco 815 ISR router.

l noticed l cannot make this Cisco 815 cable modem interface establish connection only on 1 frequency.

l need your help

Much Regards :sad:

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To change the channel of operation of the Router, select the desired channel from the drop-down menu and select your channel. Click "Apply Changes" to save the setting. You can also change the SSID. The SSID is the equivalent to the wireless network's name. You can make the SSID anything you want to. If there are other wireless networks in your area, you should give your wireless network a unique name. The default is Belkin_Pre-N_xxxxxx. To change the SSID, click inside of the SSID box and type in a new name. Click "Apply Changes" to make the change.

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Hello  ladiasya

Thanks for the response

However, l am talking about a Cisco 815 Cable router.

  It had a Cable-Modem Interface

l want this interface to scan for one frequency when it comes up.

l am able to do that with the Cisco UBR 900 series making use of this command

"cable-modem downstream frequency xxx000000 only"

This is a configuration done in the Cisco IOS.

My task is to achieve this with the Cisco 815 ISR Cable router.

Hope am making a meaning of what l want sir

Please help, l will be grateful

Much Regards

peter :-|

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