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is the sky blue?


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:knuppel2: of recent there have been many complaints about the provider i use. i finally checked and found about ten individuals below 100kbs.  something is obviously wrong... the provider has too many individuals going much faster than that and the allowed minimum is 350 kbs. so i thought, up what i could on what would cause such poor response.  if one is not within between 63.8 and 100 per cent of sat. bandwidth, they fall off the curve, sort of like beta/gamma on one's television.  possibly, these individuals have trees, or possibly a technical issue.  in the omicron of network they are anchors; useful, better hauled up to level or left with the fishies.  i charge anyone who can to think up further resolves against their problems.  here are my suggetions:

1. their ethernet is arranged in this fashion, a crossover ethernet hub attached to a certain type of telephone modem.  fifteen dollars a brand new ethernet/lan card vs. bitching up the skies... no excuse.

2.their motherboard clock jumper is set at 133, 100 mhz, and their memory is 66 yet still works, or in bios (on mine in "misc.") with the clock the bios is epromed at 66mhz, or

the clock jumper is set at 66 mhz; which, is probably the correct.  in the bios it is possible to set clock of supporting ic's higher than system processor's clock.  so, bios may be selected to 66 mhz, and since many 133 sdram will not function at 66, the slowpokes could benefit greatly by compromising at 100 only in the chipset settings within the bios...excused

3.they need to buy  and run cablenut, and windows live one care, (only my opinion)...time alloted

4.they are not even attempting to resolve their issues technically, believe satelite is a "convertiguous contra" (anyone remember that phrase from early nasa) and are supportive of an ulterior agenda.

5 they are mean, and improperly decided to unload into the skies their disappointment in their computer operations expertise.

the question omicrons to me, "?why make it hard to read?"  !just continue to say, "!beats me!  it mainly has to do with not wanting convertiguous contras and my college experiences.  ?enough said?

i hope tommorow the incites go; in favor of insights!


Edit by RTB: Caps off. Or stop holding shift.

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