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SmartBro - Problem with connection.. Long Story..


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hi guys, heres my story..

My smartbro was installed January 2008, it was fast until late april..

Now Youtube buffers like 2 secs for every 10 secs, my direct download has a max 5Kbps,

but my torrent download seems fine its still downloading at split 40+Kbps..

I called SmartBro hotline  a few times for support but all they kept saying was wait..

I got tired of waiting so i searched for some options on what to do..

I tried the proxy but it helped me just a little, from my slow 10-60Kbps bandwidth it went to 100-110 Kbps.. its still no use..

I also tried logging in to my canopy to change the QoS, but thats where i encountered more problem..

The installer dude from smartbro made a notepad of my canopy setting, i still have the notepad so i have the infos..

Now i got my ESN using Run>cmd>arp -a, when i logged in to that canopy account the subscriber module was different from before..

its like my canopy antenna before and the antenna im using now are different..

all my neighbors are using smart bro, is it possible that my antenna somehow got connected to their antenna?

oh and the settings was 500,500,1500,1500.. it was at good setting..

i dont know if im making any sense here, but i hope someone reads this..

comments/suggestions/thoughts/opinions are much appreciated!


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