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[Read here] USR8054 to D-Link DI-624+ Step-by-step


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I bought a lemon router (USR8054) about 4 years or so ago, and just a week ago, I google'd for an unofficial firmware to make the router more stable, and this thread intrigued me:


However, I found that it was posted in 2004, and the thread had closed since 2005. I wanted to do the mod yesterday, but the link to v1.15 was dead, and google was no to avail. However, the good news is that I found all the necessary files somehow, and I decided today to put together a "kit" that will help other users like me successfully convert their lemon into something at least worth using without spending $50+ on a new Linksys router.

I've attached my kit with detailed instructions step-by-step in the "Readme.txt" file.

I hope this helps you guys. Enjoy.

P.S.: I couldn't find the right section to post this in, so I decided the best would be the General section.

#EDIT: I forgot to mention that I did successfully follow the exact procedure I mentioned in my kit, except I went from v1.15->v1.19->v1.23, and not directly from v1.15->v1.23. It should work either way, though. I'm liking this firmware already better than USR's.

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Well, probably not many people still have it; if I had the money, I would have gone with the Linksys WRT54G/L a long time ago, and replaced this thing.

Well if it works, and you have updated the firmware, then why would you get a new one ? That's good that you kept it :)
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Yep, D-Link sure does things right. I don't know why USR can't do the same. Oh well, I'm sticking with D-Link's DI-624+ v1.23 firmware. It's damn stable: wireless has been connected to it for 2 hours without any issues, whereas with the latest USR firmware, I kept getting random router resets every 15 min to 30 min when I had a wireless PC connected.

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