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Hey guys (and gals) I have been looking for 4 wireless security cameras (and reciever) for a business I work at. The last ones we had interfered with the wireless network but it was cheap-o cameras. If you can please help me find some that won't interfere thats under 250, that would be awesome!!!

Thanks in advanced!


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Never use wireless cameras, they all suck. It doesn't matter how little or much you spend they suck. They will always interfere with something, or something will interfere with them. Plus its really easy for a crook too steal the signal and watch the cams. Always go wired.

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I understand that.. but it really isnt my decision lol =) the factory is out in the middle of nowhere anyways.... its a candy factory and they need cameras to watch the workers

Are the workers all fat ?  :haha: Just look for the fat ones w/ bad teeth, no need for a cam  :haha:
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