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iPhone 3G Speedtest Results


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So I got my iPhone 3G today. My local apple store had gotten some in so I canceled my order with AT&T and just went and picked it up. When I got to the sore their was already a line. It took me about an hour to get through the line so I could buy one, once I was able to buy one it only took about 5 minutes to get me in and out. The problems that a lot of people are complaining about when buying it are not because of apple or AT&T, they are because people are lying and saying they qualify when they really don't, so they wait in the line and slow everyone else down. The guy who checked me out had someone before him that made him check his account 4 times, and each time he didn't qualify because he just bought a new BB 2 months before. Stupid people  :haha:

Some speedtest results. AT&T says they cap the service at 1.4 mbps. I would say thats true because most of my speedtest results are around 1.2mbps - 1.5mbps But there are some areas that are quite a bit faster. The area around my office I got 2.1mbps when I stopped in there this morning several times.

All of these tests where taken in my home, and they are the fastest I got from each site. Its a hell of a lot better then EDGE.

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