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I looked through the other posts and didn't see anything on my router issues but could have over looked it.  Anyways I am using a Linskys Wireless B 2.4GHZ 802.11B Model BEFW11S4 Ver.4 Router.  I understand the max connection speed of this router is 11.0mbs.  My internet connection is only 1.5mbs but the connection speed on my computer will read 11.0mbs, then maybe 5.5mbs and sometimes 1.0mbs  and when the connection shows a change my comp slows down.  Is there a fix for this or should I just invest in a new router.  Maybe a G router?

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I went with another Linksys tho.  Actually went with a G router this time.  I live in a lil po-dunk town so just went to wal-mart.  But seriously thinking about the Netgear router you mentioned.  May have to pick one up next time I am up in Abilene or some where.

Hey Abilene, TX is where I go to get my electronics. =p In fact I am typing on an HP computer from the Circuit City there. Also I am on Wildblue!(Unfortunately) I won't be anymore whenever I move to college on the 23rd of this month though.  :grin2:

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