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really bad speeds in glen burnie,md


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Ok here is my problem i had fios internet installed last week. Install went smooth. after the verizon guys leave i did a couple speed test  to see if i was getting what i was supposed to and i was not. I was getting anywere from 500Kbps to 5MB on download and getting 5MB on upload i have the 20/5 package try to tweak settings on the computer nothing worked so finally after hours of messing with the computer. I gave up and called verizon was on the phone with them for three hours trying to figure this out at one point they had it up to 10MB. And then finally they said they would send a tech out the next day he came check everything it was all good even tryed switching to moca to see if it was the ethernet in it was fine and he said it had to be something on the verizon end  and i called back and they still cant figure it out. does anybody have any suggestion as to what i could do? I have the ethernet straight to the computer right know. and it only helps a little.PLEASE HELP

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i have had 6 techs out. i had NO issues from my install back in Oct. 08, then after all the really bad storms started hitting us in July ive had nothing BUT issues. I only have 4 STB (1hd/dvr home med., 1reg. hd, and 2 dig.) same set-up i had with Comcast. First issue just phone went out, no biggie, tech says he'll put in new drop, "old" one water damaged. About 2 weeks after that I have one hd on-demand show on the dvr and go to start a second one on the norm. hd box and both shows stop and "pixel". If I stop either one the other starts fine again. Now I've done this since my install NEVER had a issue, in fact i've done that and had one of dig. boxes running on-demand too. I have 4 pc's (1hard line, 3 or 4 at times on wireless) running online games, and still NO issues. So out comes tech number 2, he tells me all the storms in the area are kicking Fios butt. Getting all kinds of problems in the area now.  I work for Comcast as a Tier 2 tech and can tell you that no system yet handles storms great. So I took that as I wait and see issue. Then in a few days after I start seeing a loss of speed in the net too. Tech 3 comes out, does nothing, says its a area issue that has been here since the launch AND no one can use two hd demands at the same time. Tech 4 I have to tell him about the "area issue" he calls "someone" they say there was and the ticket is open on it but hadnt heard about it in few months, this tech checks signal levels and changes modem out, and tell me the slow up on net is from more people on my PON. Tech 5 and 6 one of them swapped outside ONT, other does nothing again. So anyone in 21061 21060 zip beware you have no options for cable/internet all the companies want you money and dont and or will not train the techs or pay to keep the services running in good fashion. There ARE some GREAT service area's in Maryland but its only til your luck runs out, til customers stand together this is the way it works and will always work, so if your speeds are not good call them get them there, it cost about 55 dollars to send tech out maybe if we all keep them coming back and back someone will decide to get the issues fixed. It worked somewhat with Comcast in the Charles County area,

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First ty for the welcome. And i thought i would update my FIOS status. Verizon "Lead Tech" came back changes out ALL there equipment even some wiring, He's best TECH I've ever had. He puts in ticket to get someone to check the PON card I am on, It should take 3 days 5 MAX. He will call me IF they tell him when they do something, if not they ARE suppose to call/e-mail etc. In 3 days my routers IP changes, which is good means someone IS TRYING to do SOMETHING at least. Speed go up and normals out @ 18megs, Still slower then it was BEFORE all this started. But still no where near fixed the VOD issues. Now sit down for this one... 2 days after that I start having more issues with the same boxes that made me notice I was having issues in the first place... I just got off the phone 3hrs this time which is a good thing because I got a Fiber Tech, really knew his job, only took that long because I had to talk to two others that didnt know there job first and he did EVERYTHING by the book which means took a 1 1/2 for him to be ALLOWED to transfer me to the 4th person whom can get that "Lead Tech" back to me HOPEFULLY that is. Which is the day after this post date. So I guess I ll post again when this is over.

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