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GIANT UPS 600v is it ok for low voltage power?


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You need full voltage to the UPS to recharge it. Otherwise with low voltage going in to it,, The UPS will be running on part transformer power(It will buzz).. So the UPS will keep the computer from restarting, but life expectancy or battery backup time of the UPS? Who knows..

Lived in places with occasional brownouts or half second voltage pauses, when hydro line circuits were switched. Even a 3 to 5 volt AC drop kicks in my UPS.

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I have my stuff connected to:

from the mains, I connected a voltage regulator. It's just the relay kind (the servo type is better).

Connected to the output of that, I have a UPS unit. Just a small one that will last maybe 30 minutes.

While your computer will operate fine on 100v, the problems arise from the power going off,

only for a second and then coming back on immediately. Any kind of fast variations in the power

outside the limits of what your computer can take, can cause electronic problems and cause

possible damage to your components.

I have a UPS simply to protect against any abnormal fluxuations in the power. It's cheap insurance!

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