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  1. When you become a dad or mom, your life changes completely... you will then realize that before you were a dad... you didn't know what happiness is... and you can never go back the way you were. Then when you are talking to single non-parents about kids, or even life in general, you'll be thinking [LOL this guy doesn't know shit!]. Seriously... you don't know the meaning of life until you have children. Especially when they turn about 16 YO and they start giving *you* advice : ) It happened to me that way
  2. Sorry- I didn't pick up right away you are using vista... good luck to you.. maybe it's not too late to upgrade to XP SP2
  3. IE sucks... the newer the version, tghe more so. Try firefox or any other browser. You'll be less prone to hacker attacks and it will perform better for you. Last thing I heard was you can't even downgraqde IE once you have upgraded. Microsoft kinda sucks cuz once they get something working ok, it's "good enough"
  4. The only port that fartbro blocks is port 25 for outgoing email, because they want you to use their own smtp mail server. That thing sucks buttermilk, and told me they block port 25 to stop spam relays.. good concept, but that approach is like using a shotgun to kill a mouse. However, there is another port I use so that I can use my own remote pop server (I'm not going to say publicly what it is, you can google it and find one). Other than that, I don't know of any specific port they block, unless you are trying to use VPN... in that case you have to do some fancy footwork to set it up beca
  5. My html / ftp downloads through my browser only connect to one server. Download managers connect to as many mirrors as possible. So it's only natural the download will be faster especially since the server you are connected to can only dish out maybe 5 or 10 Kbps. Torrent programs, by nature, are a form of download manager, so the same concept will apply. However, I've experienced problems before wherein my http / ftp speed was great, but something was wrong with my TCP connectivity, so my torrents were dead slow, due to lack of peers and the rate I could download from them. Like I advise
  6. Your speed is AWESOME for smartblo... 83.29% faster than I'm able to get through them.
  7. Download managers are specifically designed to use all the download bandwidth possible by connecting to as many sources as possible. Your browser downloads are only from ONE source. That's why you're getting a different result on that issue. I've been on the internet since dialup was a baby (1993). TCP, especially using in PTP sharing, is VERY settings-sensitive. Please do yourself a favor and perform coolbusters 20 steps for a better connection. You'll learn alot, and you'll accomplish alot. Just search for "coolbusters 20" on this board and you'll find it. Even if you just perform ha
  8. I assure you, they did NOT cap your connection. Fartbro just SUCKS and they don't know what the hell they are doing. The problem is that everybody not on the executive corporate throne has "save money!" beaten into their heads, and they need several levels of authorization just to spend a damn piso even if it's an emergency. In your case, I'd say the color code you are on is probably wrong or they got some other setting completely screwed up. The first thing they would do is change your antenna (they changed mine 5 times before it occurred to them their base satation may be the culprit). I wou
  9. Thanks.. the problem is I'm up in the mountains of Cebu and the only other service is DSL and it's so overloaded it's worse than dial-up. As for my canopy, the installer let me watch him set it up, and even took my suggestions I got from coolbusters advice for the settings. The problem here is the basestation. They don't want to upgrade anything because they are such tightwads. We only have 25 subscribers on this tower, compared to towers in the city that have 500+. When we have a connection it's great. But our downtime is about 30%. I'm looking at satellite internet but it's about 3 or
  10. You need to be more creative when dealing with these crooks. Firstly, tell them your problem is much worse than it appears- when I have a problem like yours, I tell them it's "slower than a dialup." And it has been happening all the time... your connection resets several times a day, and you can't get an IP address half the time. Also you always have to reboot your SM to get the IP address, so at night when it happens, your connection is lost while you are trying to download stuff overnight. Secondly, if they give you the "just wait 24 hours" BS line, tell them you already waited a fri
  11. For those of you who do not know: It doesn't matter which number you press on the phone keypad, as long as you choose one to press. They ALL lead to the SAME CS reps (call center agents). I know this because I pressed 2 (for billing) by accident instead of1 (for tech support) the call agent asked me what my concern is, and I told them. She proceeded just like the tech support, not even mentioning billing. Now they have that robot answering machine that checks you connection, by making you put in your service ref code, etc. If you want to avoid that stupid thing, just press 2 for billing an
  12. I've had Fartbro for about a year. In that time period, I've had no internet for 110 days. I learned to demand a report be made, and that they give me the report number. I got a book a write down all the dates, names of the reps, and the numbers. Then I apply for rebate, which usually takes 3 or 4 months and several calls to get. My favorite Smartblow excuse is that they are making "enhancements" to the base station so I "may experience minor issues" but don't worry it will all be better in "24 hours. " Last time they told me this (last week) it was broken for 5 days. Anytime I call them
  13. Greetings I have been a smartbro(ke) subscriber since Sept 2007. I am very familiar with their poor service and support. In November of 2008, they issued a new bill format. They sent a brochure highlighting the change- just a simple change that shows the actual cost of service and the VAT tax separately. At least that's what they want you to think. Get your October bill and November bill and compare them. Look at the top left of the bill- where it says "statement of account." Under that it says "Statement date" then it gives the date of the bill. Under that it says "billing period
  14. iesnes

    Windows Vista

    In that case, test away! But since you're having so much trouble perhaps you should ponder the question "why?"
  15. iesnes

    Windows Vista

    Vista is a BETA program, meaning it's in the testing mode. Too bad M$ is too dumb / conceited to simply admit that when it was released. Here's what I would do in your situation: 1. Reformat your C drive 2. Install Windows XP 3. Download all the updates except for WGA (Windows genuine advantage) If you're paranoid about screwing everything up, then install the XP OS on a new hard drive and if you don't like it, put the vista OS hard drive back in. This will take a few hours to do, but afterward you'll be much happier As far as Windows 7 goes, it's also in
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