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DVD Backups


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Just bought a portable DVD player (made especially for vehicles) in the hopes of making long car trips with four kids a bit more enjoyable for them.  My dilemma is that I don't want them toting my original DVDs all over the place and coming home with only half of them.  Any recommendations on software I can use to make a backup copy of my DVDs for use in the car.  Ease of use is a main concern.  Also would like to find one that can transfer info from my drive e to my drive f (both are DVD player/burners) without having to buffer to the harddrive.  Any suggestions?

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i've heard DVD X Copy is supposedly the god of movie-burning

Although by law they had to stop making the one that burns copyrighted movies, but im sure u can find that one on the net :-D

For Example, the good folks @ epirate.net offer the following:


Size: 23.0MB

Type: Direct

Submitter: blueshadow-z-rolleyboy

D/L Format: EXE

Downloaded 963 times

DVD X Copy Xpress 3.0.2

Size: 4.28MB

Type: ed2k

Submitter: Shadow D

D/L Format: Zip

Downloaded 2898 times

If you want a list of other burning software, it can be found here

Note: It may be il legal to download some or all of that software from that site

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Umm... well there is of couse the debate wether it is legal to do this or not... the best was from 321 studios, but it was pulled from shelves long ago..  The other software that you might still be able to get is http://trial.alcohol-soft.com/en/alcohol_info.php  Alcohol 120%.. not sure if it can read encrypted DVDs..

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Hey thanks Coknuck....my DVD burner will do the double layer format...(blanks are diffrent..but oh well)..but the NERO that came on my computer won't allow a backup of a copy protected disk. And the way my kids treat them..(they're only 6,7,9,and 10 yrs old)...they'll trash all of them using them in the car on their portable player. They travel 4-5 hrs at a time going to their mothers....so watching 2-3 movies and a time is not unusual.

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Dvdx copy had there own ripper built in to decrypt dvd movies..Now it is illegal there are software companies out there still selling software with built in decryption but we dont know how long they will be in business.  Some advertise a seperate ripper from the software thus making there software legal,  and they point you to the web to get a supported decrypter which is illegal........hum

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