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Why do I have bad luck with Apple :-/ (iPhone Help)..


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Okay, so just last week I had to send in my 80 GB iPod because it wouldn't format on iTunes. So I bought a iPhone yesterday off my buddy for $150, 16GB btw! I love it, messed with it all day! Okay, so I decided to do the 2 hour reset option for the iPhone. Did it and iTunes DOES NOT detect my iPhone...Soooo I now have a new iPhone that just sits at a main screen wanting me to hook it into iTunes but it simply won't recognize it. I have tried updating drivers, downgrading iTunes, n I guess I am on last resort today...Trying several different computer while I am at work. Please help!!

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You need to stop doing restores.

What you did was start a restore and the device lost power at some point through it, or your internet connection fucked up while downloading firmware for it.

There is a good chance it wont work again because it probably has only 1/2 the OS installed.

Have you tried plugging it into a computer that doesn't have iTunes on it? And if so did it detect it and try to install it?

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Your right dlewis, lol..I know! I do many restores. I'm what you call one of those precautioned persons maybe? haha. Anyways I got it going. I used a whole different laptop to do it, one with windows xp. I called tech support and supposedly my toshiba satellite p105 has driver issues with ipods or something. Anyways here is a quick question if anyone could help me out. If I connect via my wireless on my router will I be charged data, or because it is my own internet I am safe??

Thanks again!

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If you use your wireless router you will not be charged for any data used because your not using the cell network. But you better turn off all auto services like auto email check so it wont pull any data.

If you turn data roaming on this will stop that problem.

So turn data roaming ON, n I should be fine your saying?

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