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Web App Help to Formulate an Idea


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Ok I have an idea for a web app I just dont know what language i would need to look at to be able to turn it into a reality. Any help would be appreciated on where to start

Heres the idea:

Built a web based music player that would not grab music off of the internet but instead would scan your "MY Music" Folder and you would be able to control your music from your browser. it could also on the side provide more songs by that artist or era that it finds online. It would also sowly upload your most played tracks and artist to the internet so you can stream at least your favorite online from other computers later.

So basically i want to design a web based music player instead of a local one

why? Several reasons one because playing music off your computer thats locally stored has become very bloated by Do everything players that are resorce hogs

2nd uploading of your most played would mean that your fav music would travel with you

3rd Windows 7 Starter which limits the number of programs you can open to 3.


So im guessing this would probably have to be Java based

BTW I know C+ and Assembly language HTML 4.0 and CSS but am willing to learn whatever is needed to get it




Cold Fusion

One more requirement is that it needs to be cross format cause i often use Linux

I just need to get a lil help on where to start

Also opinions on weather it is worth doing.

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