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Safari 4 Browser


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Today I downloaded the Safari 4 beta for Windows and I must say 2 thumbs up for Apple. I am using it on Windows 7 and it seems to be running real nice. They finally added the plus sign at the top to create new tabs. It was getting annoying to have to go to file new tab every time in Safari 3. The appearance has greatly improved. The old Safari looked depressing with those dark grey colors. Safari 4 looks like a native Windows app as for as the colors go. The look of the fonts has also greatly improved. Now I am sure there will be criticisms but I think I will look at the glass half full and say way to go Apple!


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Safari is great, and I prefer the grey myself, everything on my machine is either grey, or black.  I like the thing because it does what it's meant to, and it does it in a way that keeps it from getting all cluttered up with all that crap the better pat of the rest do.

If you like safari, have you ever used any of the webkits ?

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