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nope... i did a virus scan, nothing, so im in the process of doing it in safe mode on the laptop downstairs, and holy crap, it had so many trojans.

stupid limewire. i cant even use it anymore LOL i get FAP'd

I've become so accustomed to having clean machines, that I would probably notice something like a virus. 

My Mums computer, I set it up with FireWall and Anti-Virus and FireFox. It runs for years, without any infections. The only time it had minor bugs was when she still used IE.

And of course when the brat grandkid downloaded KaZaa and downloaded about 40 songs and then deleted the program two hours later.  Now considering I had been there two hours earlier and had left after partly servicing the machine. I come back two days later and run the spyware scan and find about 7 pieces of crap. Which was odd. So I dig deeper and theres the KaZaa files and his name on the file folders.   And it's been clean ever since.  :knuppel2:

My kid gets the referral for some programs from his online friends. I check them out and see that they are scumware. Your standard IM's add-ons, and screen savers. No PopUp ads or loggers allowed here.

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All free....Download, install, update,scan........ Start with one at a time in safe mode and proceed from there.

MalwareBytes. Anti-Malware


SuperAntiSpyware. Anti-Malware


Ad-Aware. Anti-spyware


SpyBot. Anti-Spyware


Avast Anti-Virus


Pick one Firewall( stops outgoing bug traffic).. Note that with Comodo, you can install only the firewall portion, and make sure to read the installer and uncheck about three things of crapware(Toolbars and search preferences).

Comodo. Firewall


ZoneAlarm. Firewall



FireFox browser.


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all her anti virus programs expired from there trials for vista and she had limewire, one of the trojans was from a complete CD she downloaded haha

Makes ya wonder, how many people buy a new system with trialware and then never even notice it expire....

Well except for the constant nagging, which if you hit the right combination of buttons, will kill the nagging... But so will a complete reformat with a retail copy of the OS.

Was the CD of Lawrence Welk, per chance?  :evil6:  Or maybe Iron Maiden?  :2funny:

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lol thanks, im gonna try and download these without hitting FAP haha.......

and another thing, for the TCP program, the TCP receive window, roughly what size should it be?  it was saying like 169k would it matter if i put more? or no.

The FAP free zone is 2-7am....personally the LCCU tweak worked best for me using XP, vista I'm using no tweaks just the auto tune feature for the receive window on "highly restricted". My speeds on the pro plan will still drop quite a bit during peak hours (sometimes below 200kbps), for a true speed check in early am hours for best results. On the pro plan 1000/200 would be higher if using Ka band.

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