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Do you guys think this is a good deal?  

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  1. 1. Do you guys think this is a good deal?

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;) Wingzero,

If I remember this is your first laptop? I think for the money and it looks like you get a free printer that its a good deal, as I'm sure some ppl might say there are better and worse than this puter, to me whats important is that its within your budget and that YOU like it. If its possible you might take it for a test drive, laptops have come a long way in the last few years and it looks like it has a good warranty, of course it only a 60 gig HD but your not gonna store stuff on it anyway, so good luck and see what others think..... :)

8) Microwave

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well my desktop is 80 gig, so i figured that 20 gigs shouldnt really set me back too much, because i most likely wont install too many programs

as for my budget, right now it is $0, but i am gonna try to get a job at Best Buy, and my friend says they give $10/hour for installing ram, so it seems pretty good; so, i figure if i work 5 hours a day, mon-fri, all thru summer break (~2 months, assuming each month=4weeks)  then i can make $2000, and i guess government would take away like $200 of that, but thats when my parents can help me out :-D.  And also, the price is most likely going to go down by the time i get the money, so yea.  The only think im not too sure about is the battery life--a P4 and a 256mb GFX Card, would i be better off with a 128?(on my desktop, i have a 64mb lol)

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