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Bandwidth management for a home network


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Okay so I've been having problems "balancing" the load on my home network.

I have a fairly simple home network setup that serves 5 pcs(2 laptops-g band) (2 desktops-n band) (1 desktop gigabit ethernet) and finally one XBOX 360(wired)

It would seem that when the wireless on my router(Belkin F5D8235-4 v2000) is enabled my connection speed is crippled instantly. Xbox games(all) lag horribly online.

My advertised speed through COX is 25mbps downstream and 2.5 upstream. It usually tests around the advertised rate through here and speakeasy.net with the wireless disabled.

I have even made sure that no wireless clients are running torrents or similar bandwidth hogs and the problem still exists.

Disabling the wireless on a permanent basis is simply not an option for me but I REALLY want to enjoy games online again...

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer....

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W/O knowing the specific GUI and firmware your using, have you looked around in there for QOS settings ? If you find them, then you could set it up by port ( some firmware has this capability ) , or by setting a static Ip on the xbox, and doing the QOS by IP. That should take care of it, as the xbox will get all the bandwidth you set it for, or that it needs. You should also be able to restrict the other ports bandwidth.

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Well I have the lastest firmware installed ver 2.01.06 and gui 2.02 QOS is enabled and ports for the 360 manually forwarded. However I do not have static IP's set-up on any of the machines...Primarily because I'm not 100% sure how to properly do this. Can I assign a static address for just one device or do I have to give them all one? thx for the reply

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Well after much searching I have figured out how to set a static IP to my Xbox...I'll do some play testing and report back...As far as QOS goes the no settings other than On or Off.

You only need to set up what static Ip's you want.  I don't quite get what the last part of what your saying means, I'll check back later to hear your results on the xbox (while others are surfing the net on other machines  )
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Well im happy to report that giving the Xbox a static ip has helped. I haven't extensively tested it however(blasted job ;) ),but so far so good so thanks a whole bunch! Since we are on the subject I would like to know if anyone knows of a user-friendly packet shaper that is free or at least reasonably priced. The catch is that I dont want to run a Linux server just to accomplish this I was hoping for something that would run on a client pc.Again thanks mudmanc4!

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