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Is it the end of "open" wireless hotspots? (England)


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It happens all over. People use a open wireless signal to download stuff. Now whether that stuff is legal or will get the owner of the IP address jailed for a few years, is up to debate.

Proof is in the 'actual person' doing the downloading and not just an IP address.  

This is a dangerous ruling. But Who is actually running the legal system? The government or a Private company that only has dollar signs in it's eyes.

And why did the Judge rule this way?  A compromise would of been having the 'open hotspot' go to user password connections, to log into the network. So a name and time with the connection internal IP. But then that means DPI and logging data and a higher cost to run the network. Some have just called it quits.

There was a U.S. town the other week, that shut down it's wireless open access, due to a copyright infringing notice. And the Mafia relented and allowed them to open back up. Threat of file infringement retracted that is.

The police in Australia cruise for open wireless connections and then lecture the home owner on how to lock down their network.



A pub owner has had to pay

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