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Permissions chart (chmod)


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  I got tired of looking for what they all meant a couple years ago, so I made a txt file with them, just found it while I was looking for something else.  Maybe someone can get something out of this.

CHMOD = change mode // permissions
This applies to a Unix or Unix type based OS. On a windows OS , you'll be changing the permissions ( same thing, just no chmod.) Sorry ☹


U = User / G = Group / W = World
R = Readable / W = Writable / X = Executable / - = No permission

U  G  W
rwx rwx rwx    chmod 777 /filename ~ or path   
rwx rwx r-x      chmod 775 /filename
rwx r-x r-x      chmod 755 /filename
rw- rw- r--        chmod 664 /filename
rw- r-- r--        chmod 644 /filename

If you have to do it this way, you add them up to get the final value. So to read , and write by owner, would be 600 and so on. The total value is 751 for full permissions.

400    read by owner
040    read by group
004    read by anybody (other)
200    write by owner
020    write by group
002    write by anybody
100    execute by owner
010    execute by group
001    execute by anybody

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