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Encrypt your wireless camera's


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How many people have wireless security cameras watching the inside of their home and do not use encryption?  Makes for a good show for the neighbors without you using encryption.

Just because you think no one would tap into those wireless signals does not mean that no one is.

But you'd think the Military would encrypt all wireless communications. And maybe they should also purchase generic computer parts to make upgrades easier.

Article does wander into how much encryption is on our legally purchased media, just so we can't do anything else than watch or listen to it, until it breaks or gets stolen, with no backup copy.



    Predator drones use less encryption than your TV, DVDs    Militantshave been recording video from US Predator drones in Iraq andAfghanistan using laptops and $30 software, thanks to a total lack ofencryption.

What three-letter Internet acronym best fits the bizarre news out ofIraq and Afghanistan that militants there have been intercepting USPredator drone video feeds using laptops and a $30 piece of Russian software: LOL, WTF, or OMG?

Actually, all three are appropriate for something this farcical,horrible, and brain-numbing. The reason that the transmissions could bepicked up easily by a cheap satellite recording program? They werebroadcast in the clear between the drone and ground control. That'sright

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