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I thought it was strange for ViaSat to buy WildBlue. I suppose they also bought the 20% that was owned by Telesat in Canada. Even though i find no mention of it in news articles, but Canada and it's B.S. government does not like full foreign ownership of a product that it's suppressed people uses. And thats why Xplornet is the official reseller. Can't have us dealing with a U.S. based sales support.


Even with the new satellites launched and in service, there still will be a couple of years of backlog of transfer of the users on the older satellites congested beams. And they will be forced into new contracts if they don't play the smart game like a bunch of Hughesnet KU band users did. Which is free install and no contracts. But then again, with Hughesnet is the satellites they use are leased, so it's costs money to keep them loaded.


        Why ViaSat Acquired WildBlue and Why WildBlue Needed It              December 1, 2009 | Via Satellite                        | Max Engel      At the beginning of October it was announced that ViaSat was buying WildBlue. What made this a good idea for ViaSat? What made it worth paying the $568 million needed to acquire WildBlue?

Primarily,ViaSat needed a retail marketing arm for the broadband business it istrying to create. I previously have discussed the difference between a wholesale sales model and a retail sales model. ViaSat is a seller of satellite hardware. The company developed the SurfBeam Ka-band technology used by WildBlue in the United States and by a number of Canadian broadband providers through Telesat. ViaSat also builds antennas, equipment for communications on the move, military satcom and many other satellite hardware products. ViaSat does not provide services; it provides satellite equipment and technology.

When ViaSat saw a business opportunity in the satellite broadband market it wisely chose to offer a wholesale service to retailers. This is theEuropean model and the one followed by ViaSat

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