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how does satellite internet work? reply plz!


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K first things first. Satelite is for the rural house hold or the technologically deprived. I speak from having had dial up    UPload and satelite return and the MUCH more expensive microsowave up (no phone line or cable modem needed for this type).  Installation of the new 2 way systems  cost me 300 dollars (ouch!) :oops:  I had POOR! service from HUGHES DirecWay, they would not fix my problem when I called and got dic**d arround allot by unkept call backs and techs putting me on hold then hanging up. unless youre are absolutely deperate do not use. Once you buy the equipment, and yes you MUST buy new equipment, there is a hefty install fee even for the dial up retuen sat down type of connection. HUGHES also dictates how much download they "THINK" you should get and once that limit is reached BAM!! You get smacked like a red headed foster child--IE your downstream slows to almost dial up speeds. You get a nifty looking satelite modem, and bragging rights "well I got satelite internet" and that is cool but save your money. I recomend Sat only for the Broadband downtrodent (those who can not get ANY type of DSL or Cable)  I would emplore you, stick with dial up, go to DSL use Cable get Fiber Optics, whatever you do unless otherwise in BFE dont get sat internet acess.

I am including a link to hughes FAQ page of how the system works, if you are cool with the setup and costs you can order there too.      http://hns.getdway.com/what_it_is.html   

Contact me if you have any other questions or want to ask about specifics, My name is Rory BTW


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I'd suggest sticking to dial-up instead of messing around with Direcway. Costs are wayyy too much and your speeds won't even compare to dsl/cable users. Your download speed might be great compared to dial-up, but your upload speeds are gonna be terrible almost the same as dial-up. If your a big fan of playing games online or uploading lots of shiznit stay away from direcway!!

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i believe it will work for ps2 online but not for games like socom. i don't believe it works for x-box live. since it requires a broadband connection and i doubt microsoft considered sat. broadband. ur gonna need decent upload speeds for the constant sending packets back and forth while playing and sat. sucks at sending data cause of the distance it has to travel. DirecWay requires a usb modem and that's included with your installation.

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