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Charter customers getting ripped


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If you are a "pipeline" customer with Charter you paying for service that is not even there. The "Pipeline" they refer to when talking about the internet service is nothing more that basic extended cable people. Dont believe me? Take your provisioned modem to anyones house that DOES NOT have cable internet service with Charter but DOES have Charter cable TV service. Make sure they have basic extended and then plug in the modem. You dont even need a PC of cource. Just plug in the power and screw in the cable to the back. Wait about 30sec(sometimes up to 10min) and check out all the pretty lights!!! I had "CHarter Pipeline" for three years before I moved and had to get DWay service. I paid for it at first. Then I realized that something was wrong when I moved in with a friend and took my modem with me. He had basic extended cable so I hooked up the PC and the modem and WOW, I'm online. I have tested this at over 40 houses that had charter basic extended and DID NOT have "internet service". It ALWAYS works. Here is what ya do. Go the WalMart and purchase a new cable modem. Call Charter and have them provision it for you. Then take back the modem that charter gave you. Now cancel your internet service and keep either basic extended cable or digital cable. You will never pay for "chater pipline service" again!!! I'm not the only one that knows about this. I've talked to the installers and to fellow techs about the matter and alot of you dont know it it but there is about to be a very large lawsuit because of the charges for service that is already there if you have basic extended cable. How dare they charge you extra if you want to get online? If you have cable service with them for your TV then you CAN GET ONLINE with a provisioned modem!!! That is not very honest charter!!! Just thought you guys would find this interesting. Like I said , I payed for one month or service with these idiots but used the service for three years and numerous different places before moving out of the service area. I've told numerous people about this and know for a FACT that they now DO NOT pay for internet service either.

I'm sure there will be some idiot that wants to tell me that I have no idea what I'm talking about. To those people I say this. TRY IT before you start talking crap. And dont just plug the thing in and wait 2 sec. Give it a chance. I'm telling you  though.....you are all stupid if you pay one more month for the service. Just but your own modem and have charter provision it over the phone. Thats all ya have to do.

Also, anyone that is having speed issues with charter. You dont need to use a 'PC PERIOD. I never have a problem with them in three years and never met anyone else that did. As far as I'm concerned, the only thing wrong with them is the fact that they charge for something you already have even if you dont own a PC.

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fuuuuccccckk. :angry5: :angry5: :angry5: :angry5: :angry5: I just have the internet, not the tv.

funny story my dad told me though:

ok, so charter finds out that people are splitting off their CABLE MODEM cable lines, and getting free TV along with payed for internet. so, all pissed off, Charter hires a company to come out and put a big blocking box on everyone's just internet connection. I don't have tv with charter, only internet. so, at my house, we got a block. my dad went out to watch the guy put this thing on, and the dude working on it was all pissed off, because if people wanted to buy cable TV, charter hadn't told the company of any packages to offer the people to subscribe to! :)

This dude continus on attaching this, but purposfully showing my dad exactely how he put it on, so my dad knows how to take it off! Wasn't that nice of the guy? if we wanted to , we could be getting free TV... :D :D :D

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Because I dont have internet  service through Charter and I am using the net now

You have to be paying for the "Pipeline" service in order to connect to the Charter network in your area.  If you aren't paying for it then you probably bought a modem with 'hacked' firmware or 'hacked' it yourself.  Either way, that's pretty dishonest and you shouldn't do that.  Just pay.

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