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Forklift Ftp Binary Upload Setting / Transmit Server Error


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I borked up an entire site today while upgrading to VB 4.1.x pl2 , due to something strange with the permissions changing and upload mode. I dont like auto, but it works most the time , if you have your file settings right. Like with transmit , you can set what files you wan to upload in what mode , as well as what permissions. I would keep using transmit , but it's gone whacky as well, during sftp uploads , i get server errors telling me it the server didnt accept the password , all the while uploading some of what it feels it feels like.

Anyhow, so i opened forklift , which I've always had good luck with. Now for some reason , it refuses to upload in binary , rendering everything that should be in text format useless. ( insert slit throat icon here )

Iv'e sent panic a request for assistance , but that can take days if ever a reply comes. So thats out.

i resorted to cyber duck , which was always fine , but today, and i swear I'm not going mad , i went that route years ago , thats how I know lol , but cyberduck uploaded to the root directory, overwriting what folders were named what the new uploads were , IE /images , index.php ect , you get it anyway. When the site i was uploading is a subdirectory within the root. I know for a fact i selected the /folder i wanted.

Anyhow , I restored from backup the root site, but i still need to get the sub site back up. Iv'e used three frackin ftp clients to kill two sites today . uglystupid2.gif

The main problem is forklift keep changing the file permissions to null or " --------" as well as owner ect. but leaves the folders where they were as far as permissions , wtf Iv'e not had to change the upload mode with forklift , before , and i cannot locate the setting , anyone ?

Iv'e checked my system files permissions prior to uploading , there fine. Only thing i can think of , is i switched to plesk 10.1 last week , which is a real pain in the ass and moves me further to the terminal for everything possible. could there be a setting in the new version thats causing this ? Thats far fetched and should have no bearing on ftp sessions at all , historically anyhow.

I thought about it and I have had these upload issues since then, but transmit was acting up a year ago. I just got around it by manually clicking upload on each file while larger files / folders were uploading , if they finish before i do , you just never know what was / was not uploaded , and the process starts again.

Yea , it's a lot , maybe someone can tell me wtf i am doing to bork everything up.

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