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Hi all,

We're extended time RVers, and publish the non-commercial RV information resource www.rversonline.org Since the mid-90s we've been encouraging RV parks to offer internet solutions for traveling RVers; and helping RVers adopt to ever-newer available technologies. "Speed" has become increasingly important in the discussion. And a reliable method for testing esp download speeds has become increasingly important. Cell connections have become a very viable option for the RVing public, with USB devices that can not only plug into laptops, but even better into routers such as CradlePoint. The cutting edge at the moment is WiFi Ranger, which can capture any available WiFi signal OR use the cell option if there are no WiFi signals available.

Here's a feature that would be very helpful from our perspective: When we test a VZ USB modem, we're interested in knowing the speed when (i) it's directly connected to the laptop; (ii) when it's connected to a CradlePoint router; and (iii) when it's connected to a WiFi Ranger router. The results can be quite different. Now here's where the "feature" part comes in. On the "stats" page the test results for all three very different scenarios all look alike -- there is no way to add a "notation" such as "CradlePoint", or "WiFi Ranger" or "via laptop" so that we could compile a set of stats over a longer period of time. That would be very helpful from our perspective, and something we'd recommend that our readers (some 2,500 unique RVer visitors daily) might want to consider.

Whatever, we're pleased to have this opportunity to exchange ideas withe folks and TestMyNet and their users.

With best regards,

Tom (aka "rversonline")

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