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When will WB have the new bird up and running

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The last I read the ViaSat bird should have been up late winter or early spring 2011. Here it is nearly July and I have not heard any news regarding the new sat. Not that I have many options out here in the toolies of Northern California, its Hughs or WB. Thats it. Most everyone out here has WB and all of us are sick and tired of paying for 1.5/200 and getting less that half (often one third) those speeds. I know we will all jump ship as soon as a choice appears.

Anyone know what is happening in regards to WB's ViaSat?

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I'm sure everyone now knows...but Exede from Wildblue / Viasat is now available. I had it installed on March 13. So far....fairly good. I switched from Hughesnet, and USCellular Broadband after that. Exede has been a decent so far. I'll post back if I come up with any usable information.

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I had ViaSat Exede 12 (Wild Blue) installed April 14, 2012. So far it is far, far better than any other internet service I have had (DirecPC/Hughes, Sprint MBB, US Celluar MBB). The speeds so far make MBB (for which I had to use a signal booster) seem like dial up.

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