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uploading pub/pri keys with ssh remote port change

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I always change the ssh port on remote machines for obvious reasons, however it's causing an simple issue I hope someone can help with.

Setting up a local server with rsnapshot using a cron and ssh keys, I need to change the command for ssh port remote access to upload the key. I just need the proper placement.

I'm used to using -p to gain access , but not used it to upload a key until now.


 " scp .ssh/is_rsa.pub -p xxxx [email protected]:.ssh/authorized_keys2 "
" scp -p xxxx .ssh/id_rsa.pub [email protected]:.ssh/authorized_keys2 "[/code]

I'll keep looking and post back when I get it is no one comes forward


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The second form should work.

Try adding a -v or -vv and see if the diagnostics reveal anything.

The first two thoughts: You set the new port, but didn't restart the daemon. Or your fingers lead their own life and xxxx in your command is NOT the new port on your server.

Check using something like nmap or hping to see that ssh is running on the port you want. If it's not, then scan to see if ssh is running on another port.

A third possibility is that ssh is set up to refuse root access (this is the default.)

Can you login with password? e.g. ssh -p xxxx [email protected]


General note: Always have two ways to access a remote machine. Change only one at a time. Make sure that change survives a reboot. Now change the other one.

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