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slow upload speed


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Hi from a newbie

I have just done my spped tests and I have a problem with upload speed it made what I assume is two suggestions but all it said was " try a. or a ." and then something about scanning. Any help appreciated.

Am using Orange france livebox with a d link hardwired ethernet link, Windows XP sp3 and Mozilla Firefox 8

many thanks


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mudmanc4 thanks for your reply

I suppose you have asked the 64,000 dollar question. To be perfectly honest I dont know, one reason for coming to testmy.net.

it came about as using Skype we had a popup to say that the connection was to slow for video, the reception from my sons end ( in UK ) was ok.

I know that france telecom ( or whatever name they are using ) are not the best provider ( I would put them on a par with BT in the early years ) and we are about 5 Km rom the exchange , we also get a lot of "server not found " errors which dont seem to fit with a particlular time of day

however having run the test and been advided that my results are less than half the average. if there is any way of investigating probable cause then I would be interested.

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