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Delete Scores / Reset my database and start over

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Just wondering how can I reset my database and start over and get a new baseline??

Thanks Don

Good Evening Don,

There are a few ways to do this.

  • delete individual scores - There is a red X next to each result in your stats (see attached), click to delete the result
  • start a new account - start fresh with a new account but you have to signup with a different email address...
  • filter by date this is what I would do - Enter days and date to narrow your query. This gives you full control over how the data is displayed. You can keep your old results in the log, while able to query ONLY the last 7 days (for instance, see attached). Play with it, I'm sure that you'll find it does the trick. :)

Yours for the last 1 day would be...


Since this is in 1 day increments you'll have to wait 1 day to 'start fresh'.

I hope I've answered your question...

Tell your friends!

- Damon - TestMy.net



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