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Be nice to have country speed test databases

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Loving the site. It would be nice to have a database for the country your in (fastest slowest etc) to compare ISPs you can buy and see how you compare with others on the same package. Cheers. (Dave Scotland, UK)

Hey Dave, What is it.... like noon over there! As you can see, I don't sleep... am I a robot? You be the judge.

Thank you for the feedback. I'll be exploring more detailed statistics, basically like you're saying, in my up coming versions. It's been a goal of mine to provide detailed statistics like that literally since version one. I have new techniques that I'll be implementing that will provide my users with exactly what you're talking about.... without having to bug all my users for private information. Although, it takes time. I am the entire website... I do every aspect of it myself. But I feel that what you're talking about is 6-8 months off and that's factoring in the fact that I have a baby due in early November. I actually wanted exactly THAT to be in version 12 but I want to take some time off for the baby so I released early.

Thank you for taking the time to make a suggestion and let me know what you think. I really appreciate the feedback. Please tell your friends, TestMy.net is word of mouth :wink:


- Damon Mueller

- TestMy.net

(I hope you didn't read it in a robot voice... if you did, re-read it normally...)

Not a robot... right? haha

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