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Websites not loading (intermittent)

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When I try to go to your website on another computer (using IE9 or Chrome and Windows 7), the opening page will not load. I am having this problem with a few other websites. Any suggestions?

And, BTW, thank you. I find the site most useful as I have a satellite connection where the speed varies considerably.

Hi Edward,

First, your welcome. I'm glad that you like what I've created. I'm flattered that so many people find it useful. I originally created the site for my own use and didn't really intend or expect for so many people to use it, TestMy.net kinda happened on accident.

The only suggestions I have would be to either post something in my forum or contact Xplornet (I see that's who your provider is). I've never used or troubleshooted a satellite connection first hand so I'm really not the best person for information. But the collective knowledge of my users can be profound. Post either in General Discussion or Make it Faster and I'm sure that a few people will try to help. You may also find help in searching what's already been posted in the past. If you do post a topic and you figure out what the issue is please take the time to let us know... someone in the future with the same issue may find help in your words.

- Good Luck and Kind Regards,

- Damon

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