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Useful Software to Restore your Computer.......


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I always like to keep my stuff burned to DVD. I also Like to keep the right software "Just in case" a restore Goes bad. Lets be honest with windows......It happens......

One thing I always keep around Is "Driver Solution Pack". Its free. What it does is scan your computer and finds drivers you may be missing. While I do have all my drivers for my motherboard on disk, When I recently had to restore windows I simply had a horrid time getting the sound to work. Ran Driver Solution Pack, Found the missing driver, Worked fine. As far as using the Update the current drivers, thats a personal Choice, My motto, If its not broke, dont fix it.

Another program I use is called "Install Creator". Again Its free. Find the Location of the settings for your Fav Browser, Or music player, Normally, its un the C drive, User..User name, Roaming. Once I find the path, I simply use the "install Creator" wizzard, Back up and restore to the same path. Makes a Simple little EXE file, so you click on it and your settings are restored. What I do, Is test it, Make sure it works, Back it up, Add a couple of silly bookmarks, then hit the restore exe I made, The silly book marks should be gone.

I keep all my browser, and Winamp Play lists backed up using "install creator" Keep it burned to disk.

Hope others have some useful free software they use to restore windows.

IMHO, Like with "Driver Solution Pack". Keep it on disk, Only use it with a Fresh Install of Windows, and Only use it if something is not working. Using it to Update current drivers is not a good Idea, Only use it if something is not working and you can not figure it out. You were warned.

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