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clearOS -- why so pretty


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After using pfsense for several years without a hitch. Recently I've been changing the core of my internal networks , for various reasons.


Searching a bit on distrowatch I did find this clearOS , which at first glance appears a bit to gooey < gui = too many pretties for someone who has much experience with the components of a stateful packet management system, and not nearly finely grained at it's apparent core for confidence. I need to see what is and what is not allowed to pass, to where , when and in what protocol.


Initial install was a breeze, then you are presented with registering an account....... within your local 'firewall / gateway ' ,  that and this alone is my reasoning for being reserved when praising this suite.

Why on earth my only guess at the reasoning for mandatory account creation within a software solution for infiltration protection is beyond me in so many ways it's literally inexplicable.


You can chalk this up to the many paid system packages which can be installed with a click, and a nominal / annual fee. Hey we all gotta make it somehow right ? However even so , i find the GUI to be childish of course unless your one of the latest fad trenders who enjoy a pretty over usability / configurability.


Now if this were my first time installing a firewall, and i knew nothing about which way to go when securing my intranet, I would certainly be drawn to such applications. However being the least bit interested in what data is being transmit back to their databases is most concerning. As you have no way of knowing, logging, let alone visualizing through any means on the system if it is outward facing , as it is developed to be.


I cannot speak towards clearOS's ability to actually defend your network, I did not keep this setup much longer than it took to install and run through the web GUI,  chances are you'll be just fine. As the system is built upon redhat. In fact while installing initially, if you've ever used centOS or installed it , clearOS is generally integrated right in. However i will in time , install one of their VM's and get a bit closer to the metal at some point.


Sorry clearOS , you've been beaten out by pfsense. Do not fret, I've tried just about all of them in various scenarios and situations, and pfsense is by far the creme. Sure , you could go with smoothwall or monowall if you want to replace that old (or new) router and gain much more configuration ability not to mention learning a few new things while having fun.

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