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DNS issues (media temple)

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I've moved a site to my host, nearly two months ago. 


Set all DNS as it should be, nothing special or out of the ordinary. 


Clients are making phone calls of a 404 - google is sending messages complaining they cannot access the site, and even in the hosts own AC, we see the following --




The host claims everything is fine, clients trying to fill out a form located on the site to expedite their job , have another story. 


I have moved the domain to their registrar ( this should not matter) , tested with newipnow.com and find no issues, none the less , there is an issue. 


Not being a DNS admin ,the way I see it is the secondary DNS for the host is not letting the primary DNS know of these changes, since i did host the site for a couple months on another server of theirs ( which at times doing a whois and trace route , still comes up at that server ( which the instance does not exist anymore).


I have to resolve this, and when the DNS owners I am using claim nothing is wrong , this puts me in a position. Do I move the site to a new host , hoping their DNS deletes the domain ? Continue dealing with this until i get an actual DNS admin to look into it , instead of just telling me "no worries MOST everyone around the world can access your site


Yea thats what he just told me -- duh me ? 

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Time to move hosts. 


Here is the rundown over the last 7 weeks. 


I have repeatedly brought up the previous facts, as well as shown them their DNS has some intermittent issue ( for lack of proper DNS terminology )




This virtual instance does not exist anymore and has not for more than a month. This (above) is directly what their own system (along with the above) is reporting , yet they deny it has anything to do with their DNS


Yet CS is claiming and I quote " that icon simply means the DNS zone is assigned to a different server," 

Yes, I know this , and this is why I am repeatedly contacting you.  Helooo ? lmao


The records clearly state the DNS is in fact pointed to the correct server, yet 'intermittently' the www resolves back to a nonexistent virtual instance. What is so difficult to understand , get a DNS admin on it. Simple. 


This appears to be propagation between primary and secondary DNS servers at mediatemple. 


As I explained to this gentleman , my dad taught me quite a bit, one of these valuable items was this, if you do not know the answer , allocate it , or find out who specializes in the particular field, do not attempt to make the questioner appear as if they are at fault by re directing the issue or question back at them.


I am left with no other choice than to move the 25 domains some hosted and others simply using tucows, to somewhere more able to resolve issues when they arise. They obviously have no qualified DNS administrators on staff, and with this issue, which appears to be isolated right now, it is not worth their time to investigate. Then again , with what little DNS experience i have, NO DNS issue can be isolated. This will likely snowball at some point. Hopefully not, at the same time DNS is the backbone of the 'internet' , so one fault leads to multiple faults eventually. 


Rant over, searching for decent host with at the least bind9 servers, which I am doubting mediatemple is updated to, due to their length of time in business, ( which with the sheer amount of records they must have would be very taxing on the admin and many issues are reported and caused due to improper transferring) and they way they hold their business plan. Which is overall good, that has to be said. 

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