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Resolved :: Speed Test Issue

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when i try to take the test, it shows the downloads of the files, but then the results are missing

I tried this on all my browsers on my mac osx 10.8.4 safari, chrome, firefox, tor... nothing

please let me know how to solve this



Hi Daniel,


Have you used TestMy.net before without an issue?  What exactly does it do when you test... does it show a blank page for the results?


Please provide me a little more information and you can help me find a possible bug...  


Thank you,

- Damon Mueller - TestMy.net



Thanks for your email

No, i never used it before, i just found it it, because i knew something wasnt just right about speedtest

So it gives me a blank page, it does quickly show a progress bar but then it ends up blank, attached is a screenshot

I can then see some results at the results page if i click it directly, but then i dont see my latest tests, just some of them, attached

And it also shows that there is 1 download and tow upload tests lefts for graph too...


May the force be with you,

Daniel XXxxXX

Label Manager





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That helps... I'm looking into this fro you.  I'll hit you back soon.


Hopefully you're available in a little bit to test it again for me.  I really appreciate it.  The highly dynamic nature of the site can cause bugs that are only seen under certain circumstances.  It really helps to have someone on the other end that sees the error because I often can't duplicate it on my end.


Hit you back soon,

- D


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I think I found a conflict.  Give it another try.


https://testmy.net/ -- attempt to invoke the test how you did before.  Hopefully I found the conflict... if not, I found something else that could cause a conflict so time well spent.


Please respond, a lot of times people never respond back and I'm not sure if I fixed it or not.  Your input is greatly appreciated.


- Kind Regards,

- Damon - TestMy.net


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Hey Damon It's fixed. Sorry I didnt reply before, this totally slippeD! 


Yours truly,

Daniel XXxxXX

Label Manager

Good to hear, thanks for letting me know. :)

- Spread the word... happy testing!

- Damon


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Kinda funny, I tell him about how people often don't let me know if I fixed it or not... then he doesn't let me know it's fixed for like a month.  Haha, hey... at least he eventually told me.  Thanks Daniel!   :wink:

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