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Offline / Private speed test server

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This network is completely off-line using a closed wireless network that is not attached to the Internet in either of the development environment (by company network design) or operational environment (per customer system design).

I did see your private server option but I don’t see a way to make use of that for my configuration.




Hi Drake,

Does it need to be completely offline? Because you can do this now with a private server but the stats and results are still processed by the TestMy.net home server.

Not really a team by the way, I've built everything myself.

Let me know more details.. I might have a solution for you.

- Damon - TestMy.net


TestMy.net Team:

I would like to run your speed test offline (off of the Internet) to exercise and gather metrics for a custom wireless link that I am working on. Can you provide an installable package of your speed test software that I can use on my own server?

What licensing terms and conditions would apply to my use of your software?

I have been using a free Flash speed test but desire for a simpler HTML5 + Javascript approach like the one you have implemented.




I'll put something together for your situation. There's a lot of people asking for that. It will be free. I'm only one person, just give me time to put something together.

I need to build an installer... all the pieces are there. Keep checking back with me. Sorry but I don't have an ETA, though it is high on my list.

- Kind Regards,

- Damon - TestMy.net



That would be awesome, thank you.

My server platform is RHEL 5.9 and I would expect to install something along the lines of the pre-requisites you list on your website for setting up a private speed test server. Please let me know if there are any obvious incompatibilities you can see with this configuration so that I can have that ready when you have an off-line version to release.

Thanks again,



Your server will work :)


How to setup a speed test server for more information.

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