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Nice speed test... now make it email me results!

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You have a nice product that does not rely on Java or Flash.  I see you are planning to make it open source.  Do you have a time frame for that and also, will it be stand alone so it can be run without utilizing your servers?

Thank you



Hi Kevin,

Thank you, it's my life's work.  Actually I don't have plans to open the source.  You can run your own server but it works in concert with my servers.  You host a small controller program that enables TMN to use the resources on your server for testing.  In the future I'll probably offer a full version that doesn't require communication with my servers... maybe

after 1st quarter 2014.

The version I have released right now was released has a lot of features being released over the coming months.  You'll be able to modify the design and brand it with your logo and call functions of the program with your own code.

Realize that I build this all myself, I don't have a team to aid my development.  I have many aspects to TestMy.net outside of the self hosted program.  But I do build VERY fast and all of my time is dedicated to TMN... I often work 30 hours on end with little breaks... Averaging about 14-16 hours a day during my production periods.  What I have released to

the public is only scratching the surface of the future abilities I plan on implementing.  I started building my test when I was 15 in 1996 but my hosted solution is only a few months old.  It uses the same code I use for my own mirrors and provides all the same benefits and tools that are offered when your normally visit TMN.  I encourage you to install and try what I currently have released so you can watch it grow from the ground up.

Go to https://testmy.net/make-a-speed-test and start the process.  Email me back once the first steps are complete with the site address, your TMN username, server location and any other details you have on the server and host.  I'll email you back a key and you'll be testing in no time.

Kind regards,

- Damon Mueller - TestMy.net


Hi Damon

We do not have plans to implement a testing server that is not standalone. We have a standalone server now but it runs Java which is why I asked about yours. Perhaps next year we’ll try out yours when it’s available. Avoiding Java and Flash is a good move on your part. Many of our employees have issues with Java (either it doesn’t work on their PCs or they only have ipads). Of course, Flash doesn’t work on iDevices as well.

I would add a couple things to your testing which you may already have on the road map:

1) Add the option to email the results instead of just Twitter, FB, and clipboard copying (including the mobile optimized version).

2) Log the IP address and ISP of the tester in the results

If the two were in place, organizations like mine could direct users to test and email the results from their home PCs.

Have a good day



Hi Kevin,

Actually, I used to have an email button.  I don't know why I removed it.  I'm going to put that back up.  You'll be able to find it under the share and results details tabs on the test results.  Should be up very soon.
I don't log IP addresses with the test results because there is no reason to.  I log all of the other details on the user.  The ISP, city, state, country, etc.. I don't log the IP for privacy too.  What I will do for you is log the IP and only display it to that user.  That, I'm going to implement right away.  People can track their IP changes only if they're logged in.
My test has never used Java or Flash.  It's what has always set me apart from other speed tests.  I like my original design so much... it's pretty much the same as it was when I first built it.  There is a lot more to it now but the core methodology is the same.  And it's proven to work on huge scales... even larger scales when I unveil some new techniques.
You truthfully don't need to setup a speed test server at all.  My servers are more than capable of testing across the globe.  I think it's misleading to consumers to get tested too close to home... they expect the speed out to the Internet.  My servers are hosted where hundreds of thousands of websites are hosted.  The speed they get to those areas where I host is highly representative of what they could truly expect.  The reason I allow self hosted mirrors is because some people have needs to test to specific locations. For instance, to check the connection quality between two places to adjust stream quality.  There will always be communication in the results to the TMN main server. 
I want consumers to know that they have other testing options so those elements of the page will always remain.  The Internet doesn't work in only one way, so my tests and servers don't either.  I have options that test through CDN and multithread so they mimic the way that true elements load on websites today.  Later today I'll be combining the CDN and multithread to work together.  I'll also have choices of selecting your own servers to test from simultaneously.  Select one, select them all... off a map.  It's like testing the entire Internet at once and getting a single result.  You can do this right now with my US servers by turning multithreading on.  It's been extensively tested and returns precise results.
My point, just send them to TestMy.net.  I'll test their speed.  If you have a favorite location you'd like them to test to... give them the link to it... have them test and have them give you a testID... from the test ID you can find all their other results.  If the ip frequently changes, have them sign up.  It takes 30 seconds and I almost never email my users.  Maybe a couple times a year to announce major releases and they can opt out of that right on the signup screen... all information is safe.  Proven safe by my extensive Internet record. 
TestMy.net already does what you need it to do without setting anything up.  My goal have always been aimed at 100% of the computer population, to do that it needs to just work... in every situation.  I hope that you agree that my speed test does that better than any other.
- Kind Regards,
- Damon Mueller

If my company were to start utilizing your site, we would like the IP and ISP info to be emailed with the stats.  This will help deter people from claiming they have DSL or cable but are really using something like a cellular modem.  Obviously this isn’t bullet proof as someone could go to a friend’s house, run the test, and pretend it was from their house.  However, if someone states they have Comcast and their test results show AT&T, we would probably question them.    


Also, embedding the IP address in a link in the email could produce a nice map along with other useful info such as dynamic or static IP:



I look forward to testing the email option Damon. 


No problem, I can do that for you.  I'll have a check box and warning (e.g. "include IP information in email").  I'll just make it known to the user... I could have it default to that option for people referred from your site.  Let me know what you need and if it fits what I'm trying to accomplish... I'll build it.  Much of my site was built by my users, I'm just at the keyboard.

I'll let you know when it's ready.  It's high on my list.
You can see the related databases to that IP in your email at https://testmy.net/iptools/ -- I show that IP in New York.  I get my IP databases from MaxMind.  Addresses are constantly moving, sometimes the information hasn't updated.  I'm running the most current databases but it's not 100% accurate... no such thing.
_______ Damon to Kevin _______
Here's where I'm at with the email option.
This is a sample email.  I'm just going to warn the user that they're also sharing their IP address.  This actually should prevent people from abusing the form because of the personal information included.

Hi Damon Test,

I'm sharing my test results from the TMN speed test. Visit https://testmy.net/quickstats/CA3LE to query my stats.  Go to https://testmy.net to test your connection and compare.

Personal Message from Damon Mueller:

Hey dude, this is just a test.

Shared Test Details:

:::.. Download Speed Test Result Details ..:::

Download Connection Speed:: 73040 Kbps or 73 Mbps

Download Speed Test Size:: 50.2 MB or 51453 kB or 52688000 bytes | Timed:: 5.772 seconds

Download Binary File Transfer Speed:: 9130 kB/s or 9.1 MB/s

Tested At:: http://TestMy.net Version 13

Validation:: https://testmy.net/db/vO5jtn2

More Stats:: https://testmy.net/quickstats/CA3LE https://testmy.net/compID/625710007986

Test Time:: 2013-06-12 19:25:10 Local Time

Location:: Phoenix, AZ US >> Destination:: Coast to Coast US

1MB Download in 0.11 Seconds - 1GB Download in ~2 Minutes - 1304X faster than 56K

This test of exactly 51453 kB took 5.772 seconds to complete

Running at 493% of hosts average (Cox Communications https://testmy.net/hoststats/cox_communications)

User Agent:: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_8_3) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/27.0.1453.93 Safari/537.36 [!]

- Damon Mueller sent this with an email share form on TestMy.net.

Is this abuse?  Research the sedners IP at http://testmy.net/iptools/ - Please report abuse to the providers [email protected] address and to [email protected].  TestMy.net respects your privacy and will block any address on request.  Simply use the following link: XXxxXX to automatically be removed from any future emails from the TMN system.

Will something like that work for what you need?  I'm just working on the client-side form and I need to tie it into my blacklist for people that use the unsub link.  Should be live shortly. 
_______ Damon to Kevin _______
Email buttons have been added for you.  Enjoy!

This is great Damon. 


One more suggestion would be to put the email option on the mobile test too.  We’ve had several users who only have ipads at home and I’m guessing your site defaults to the mobile version when someone visits from an android tablet or ipad. 


Thanks for pointing that out.  It can be seen on the mobile theme as well.  Under the details and share tabs.

It doesn't default to mobile on the iPad but it does for android and iPhone.  I think it looks better with the full version on displays larger than 5".  Currently some android tablets may display the mobile version by default but that's a bug that will be fixed soon.
Let me know if you need anything else.
Happy Testing!

Found it.  Very nice Damon.  I will recommend to our work at home team that they consider using your product.  Thank you for adding the email options. 

We thought of another question for you Damon…Do you have plans to start testing packet loss, latency, and jitter?  That data could be useful to estimate MOS for VoIP calls.  I’m not sure if that’s technically possible with HTML5 but you probably know. 


I'm not sure if it's possible... but I'm definitely going to try.


Damon, just wanted to give you an update.  My colleagues liked your site and we decided to go ahead and use it for our work at home staff to test their connections.  So far, we’ve haven’t had a single issue with the users performing the tests and emailing us the results. 


Thanks again for implementing the email and IP address options.  Please let me know if you get packet loss, latency, and jitter going.  I think you could bring in more visitors if they could use your site to test VoIP. 


Hey Kevin,

I'm glad that it's helping you and your colleagues, that's why I build it.  I'll be in touch once I release more... you'll notice new features as they're released anyways.  Just keep using it.   :)
- Kind Regards, Happy Testing!
- Damon

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