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Virgin Mobile Opera Mini Server, make it faster?

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I am running on virgin mobile's opera mini server, i was wondering if it is possible to make my speed more optimal or faster in any way. Thank you for your time. I have also contacted virgin and they say always i have "good coverage" or theres no problems in my area, thank you for your time.



Hi Aaron,

This is a question that would be best answered by the TestMy.net Forum.  Post up your question and myself and other TestMy.net members will try to help you.  Having it as a topic in the forum might help someone else in your situation later.
When you post your question be specific about your device, operating system, provider.. the plan you have.  More details from you = better help from us.
I look forward to helping you get more out of your connection.  Don't forget to tell your friends about my site, it's word-of-mouth.
- Damon


thank you for your help, i am running on an LG rumor touch cell phone, and working off the virgin mobile plan which runs off of the sprint network. At times my browsing will take a long time to complete or i will get an error code. I was wondering if there is a way to speed up my browser in anyway or am i stuck with what i have any help would be appreciated.


have completed the test from testmy.net and my upload speed is 1.8mbps, i download at 4.8mbps, thank you again for your time.



Ouch, that has a proprietary operating system doesn't it?  Do you have access to any apps like android or iOS does?

If you had an Android or iOS device I'd recommend Chrome.  I don't think you can put that on your phone however.  I think that you might be stuck with Opera Mini.
Having said that, your speeds are super terrible.  Sprint doesn't have a very fast network to begin with.  Out of the large providers, they rank the lowest.  But really, if your speeds stay around the 5/2 range like you said, you should have a comfortable Internet experience.  If your having problems with the test completing sometimes then you might have coverage issues.  Some providers perform better in some areas, you might want to see who your friends and neighbors in the area use.  I had Sprint years ago and when I moved once I had to switch providers because my signal was so bad in my new area.  It worked fine before I moved but my new hours just sucked for Sprint.  I switched to Verizon and problem solved.
I get over 30 Mbps on my iPhone using Verizon LTE in good areas.  At my house it gets around 10-20 Mbps.  Sprint is capable of the same thing but their networks are more congested because they're unlimited... providers that have bandwidth caps have cleaner, faster networks because users are more likely to get on WiFi when they can to save bandwidth and money.
Wireless providers are highly variable... in terms of you trying to get more out of that, on your cell phone....  I think that you might already be pushing it's capabilities.  If you have a choice in the matter, next time get a phone that has a more open platform that allows for more expansion.  Android or Apple iOS are always your best bet.  The popularity of the operating systems on those devices means that they'll continue to grow, MANY more developers for those devices means more options with software and support.  Personally I would stay FAR away from windows phones and phones running proprietary operating systems.  If you're within your return policy, take it back and get an Android phone.  You'll thank me later.
Good Luck, hope your speeds improve,
- Damon Mueller - TestMy.net
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